The Elevated Living Classic treehouse is a unique space that can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether a child’s playhouse or your own personal yoga retreat, Elevated Living can create it. Built at 144 square feet, it has enough room to handle parties, dinners, or sleep-overs. Made from FSC Certified Cedar glulams, The Classic provides years of service out in the elements while utilizing sustainable resources.
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Each tree house is built off-site and can be installed in three to five days in most straight trunked trees. Being customizable, you are able to make this space your own. Suitable for children to adults, an Elevated Living Classic tree house is a space for the whole family.


  • Constructed using the following materials:
    • FSC Certified Port Orford Cedar glulams
    • Cedar decking and railings with stainless steel fasteners
    • Concealed hardware
    • 3/4” steel tie rods
  • 12’x12’ floor plan minimizes material waste during construction
  • Pre-manufactured off-site
  • Constructed using high standard building practices
  • Built to standard building codes
  • Installs at heights up to 20 feet
  • Fully installed within 3-5 days
  • Entirely supported by straight trunked tree
  • Design allows for future tree growth
  • Includes tree inspection by ISA Certified Arborist
  • Design team available for customization
  • One year limited warranty



A covered retreat for playing, dining, sight seeing, meditation, yoga, or your favorite outdoor activity. The Pavilion features a covered deck, 32” railings, and a staircase for easy access. Cedar decking, railings, and roof shingles ensure years of service from your outdoor, arboreal retreat. Imagine doing yoga while suspended in the trees, meditating with a view of the forest, or enjoying a meal with your family in the woods protected from the gentle rain. In your backyard or at the neighborhood park, enjoy the great outdoors all year round with the elevated Pavilion.
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Designed with children in mind, this tree house offers all the features kids will enjoy. From ladders to fireman’s poles, cargo nets to trap doors, these structures provide a childhood getaway and inspiration for imagination. Because safety is our priority for The Playhouse model, we use the engineered platform of The Classic, along with guard railings and pre-manufactured play equipment. The Playhouse is perfect for children and the youthful spirit in all of us.
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With built in servery bar and benches, the Picnic is a great place to spend a meal with friends and family. This treehouse model is a unique, yet simple way to expand your home’s entertaining capabilities with an elevated dining room. Imagine enjoying your morning coffee, a midday meal, or an evening cocktail amid the serenity of the trees.
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Sleepovers are an essential part of childhood.  A sleepover in a treehouse is unforgettable. With the Sleeper, children and adults can enjoy the wonders of sleeping in a cabin while being suspended in a tree. The Sleeper features built-in bunk beds to accommodate two to six people. With skylights, you can even enjoy the stars at night while bunking in your Sleeper under the comfort of a roof. Great for children and adults.
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With all the amenities of the Playhouse, the Fortress provides just as much excitement, but with an enclosed layout. This treehouse provides the perfect setting for hide and seek, cops and robbers, and many other childhood games. The fireman’s pole is brought inside for a quick escape. A trap door for the ladder provides exclusive entrance. Windows also provide a perfect vantage point for water balloon attacks. Be careful walking underneath the Fortress.
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For those who work from home, it is important to separate your work from your home life. What better way to do that than to have your office in a tree house? With clerestory windows, a single angle sloped roof, and plenty of space inside, the Office is a great way to get things done in a peaceful, productive environment. Add a skylight for more natural light to escape the fluorescent jungle. Enjoy work again when working in your new tree house Office.
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Elevated Living treehouses are fully customizable. We’ve provided a few designs to get your creative juices flowing, but the possibilities are endless. Perhaps you imagine a zip line platform, a cabin in the woods, or a craft den. Maybe you’re a naturalist who wants a birding platform, or you’re a parent who seeks a retreat from your children. Whatever your dreams, Elevated Living will work with you to create your treehouse.